Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Harry Ried is Slow....

Well, Harry Ried has finally decided to include a public option in his health care bill... wow! He really must be slow... or has commitment issues. All this time I was dead certain that a public option for health care was a must... Progressive Democrats of America were clamoring for single payer health care... Obama promised a public option long ago.... private health insurance companies would have carte blanch to continue to rape us if a requirement that everyone obtained health insurance was included without a public option.... and NOW he says his bill will include it!!? I am not impressed with Harry Ried.

Now we get to find out what kind of public option we will end up with... will it only be available to those who can't get insurance through an employer? Will it only be available where other plans are not available... will it be a real public option available to EVERYONE so that insurance companies will have real competition that will make them improve their product, reduce their prices (hint... no one, even the CEO of a health insurance company needs to make $57K a minute... cut there first!) and instead of existing solely for their shareholders, start thinking of their customers and saving lives... We will see... Now is not the time to stop calling... where's the phone!?