Monday, June 22, 2009

Facebook - what are you good for?

What does it say about a person if their Facebook page only includes entries from themselves and they hide everything that comes from their friends? I mean, don't they know what they are doing/thinking? Isn't the idea to find out what your friends are doing? I admit there are some folks that I hide... you know, the ones who send you the links to all the stuff you already read, but mostly everything post to my home page. In fact, if I wanted to clean it up a bit, I'd like to get rid of the stuff I post (see previous, I know what I am doing/thinking comment). Or do these people individually visit each page periodically to see what their friends are up to? Or do they just only care what they have to say or what they are doing. Either way I think it speaks to something in their personality... kind of like if your the kind of person who knows all your neighbors or doesn't... Nothing wrong either way, but its just a lot more fun to go around saying hi to everyone..

1 comment:

  1. i think i know what yer talking one should have "let friends see my posts to other friends" right?

    so what about letting friends see what friends say to me? that's ok too right?

    do i have that checked? let me go see...