Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why I hate the Blind Copy function

Due to some malfunctioning of my volunteer mechanism, I have the duty of writing not just one, but two newsletters. One for the Democratic Club and one for what I affectionately call the sissy girl horse club. It is the sissy girl horse club because basically, they/we are a bunch of sissy girls... Mostly them... They don't ride on anything other than flat trails, they don't lope their horses, they don't do a lot of things that are really fun... a bunch of sissies! This is my first month for both and, because I am leaving for vacation I was rushing to get the newsletter for the sissy girls out before I leave... It's 10:27 pm, I push the send button, and within seconds I get the request.... The request from a member to send out the news letter with everyone blind copied so no one can get any other person's address! What kind of club is this?? They don't want to be able to contact one another? That's weird, but no...That's not the reason. They are convinced that the tiny, insignificant Trailseekers newsletter is the reason they are getting Viagra and male enhancement email! Of course, that's not the reason. It's because they put their email address on or bought something from a site and gave them an email address for shipment confirmation and that company sold their address. In the Democratic club, the mysterious list is kept by the treasurer... I forward the newsletter to her so she can send it out... I am not allowed access to the "list". So I send her the letter attached to an email. She attaches my email to her email and everyone has to open 3 things to read the news. This drives me crazy! Are they this protective of their telephone numbers? Their street addresses? Do they have trouble using the delete button? Setting up spam filters?

I have come to the conclusion that technologically speaking, I am miles ahead of my friend... I should be having just retired from an IT position, but shouldn't they all be able to figure out that they shouldn't give their primary email addresses to sketchy sites that don't promise to keep your information confidential... Then they blame it on their friends having their email addresses. Yikes!

But the big thing I have against blind copy list is that no one can tell who else received the email and so I am bombarded with duplicate copies of things I already received directly, just because that communication thing is so important and we want to keep everyone in the loop... we just don't want everyone to know who else is in the loop with us!

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