Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just returned from Argentina and things keep occurring to me... Like what a cool way they have their traffic signals work. There is a yellow light before a light turns red as we have, but they also have a yellow warning light before a red light turns green. They have hundreds of taxi's on the street and these yellow lights seem to keep the traffic moving a lot better than it does here. This occurred to me as I almost rear ended a person sitting in a green light. I don't know what she was doing... balancing her check book, putting on make up, but as I was approaching the light turned green and, silly me, I assumed that she would go. Maybe if she had a warning that the light was going to turn green she could have prepared. Argentina also has good wine and beer and lots of smog... all those taxis. I would never drive there. Most of the roads don't have lane lines painted on them and all the cars go wherever they can. The taxi drivers are masters at squeezing into any open spot. If the roads do have lanes the drivers ignore them. We took taxis everywhere and I never felt that I wasn't safe, but, again, I would never drive there. More later.

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