Saturday, November 21, 2009

Whatever happened to Sportsmanship?

Yesterday a high school football team coached by my husband's niece's husband (there must be an easier way to say that!) lost their CIF championship game... Apparently with only 2.9 seconds (that's seconds folks) the opposing team threw a hail Mary pass that connected and they won the game.... response from the adults...? The other team was privately funded and recruited heavily for their players! Not being at all interested in high school games of any type, I don't keep up with CIF regs, but it seems to me that their are rather stringent rules governing that type of thing. And, if they did put all types of efforts into buying players, I would want a refund! 2.9 seconds and a hail Mary pass...? Sounds like these teams were very well matched and it was a great game.... Leave it to adults to teach kids to whine about life not being fair...

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