Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A bureaucrat is a bureaucrat

One of the flimsy claims of those who are opposed to single payer health care is that they don't want 'government bureaucrats' getting between a patient and their doctor. They constantly say that they don't want the government to get involved in decisions doctors should be making... Ok, I am just a few years out from major medical problems and during that entire time someone continually came between me and my doctor. It was called the insurance company! They had to approve my medications, operations, anything. What's the difference between a government bureaucrat and and an insurance company? The insurance company is in it for the money! Government doesn't exist to make a profit and could therefore provide the same services at a much smaller cost.

But, those opposed continually bring out the same old argument. When are we going to get smart enough to stop listening and do what is in our best interest! Single payer health care! Yes!

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