Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Jury Duty

I would like to give a piece of advise to all criminals or potential criminals.... watch Law & Order. It might not be the real thing and the lawyers will tell you to disregard what you see on it and other shows like CSI, but at least it give you some idea how to act... Today, the lawyers had agreed on a jury, but as soon as they did it, the defendant had some kind of outburst.
Apparently he didn't like one of the jurors - a correctional officer - who would think? Well, on L&E that defendant would have been reamed by the judge and admonished by his attorney and, well, essentially toast with the jury. Anyway, they had to tell the jurors to forget what he did, one of the jurors said he couldn't (the correctional officer - must have been something about his mother!) and he was excused and we had to wait longer to fill that spot. Do they really think that they can tell jurors to disregard such behavior and it will really not affect the verdict? I don't think so. I could tell that the guy was a jerk and I didn't even understand what he said... Once your a jerk how far could you be from a criminal? In law school they teach you how to think like a lawyer which is apparently not like how regular people think. So they tell us regular people that during this trail you have to think the way they do and disregard dumb behavior, previous accusations of the same crime, and the fact that the accused won't testify on his/her own behalf... right! Guess it's a good think I didn't get on that jury!

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