Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sick of over developed senses of entitlement

Today there was an article in the local paper, along side stories about laying off teachers and government workers, wherein a guy was filing a claim against Riverside County because his car, a late model BMW, sustained rim and tire damage when he hit a pothole. He was seeking reimbursement of over $1000 from the county. I will be dollars to donuts that that guy was right in the front row of those anti-tax tea parties a couple of weeks ago... No new taxes, but damnit... fix those pot holes. I fired off a letter to the editor, but, because they are getting to know my name, it will probably never be printed, so here it is...

Dear Editor

Brandon Burkhart wants the county to pay for his $1005.37 tire and rim because they were damaged by a pothole. What do you bet that Brandon is also against any new taxes imposed by the state? Folks, you get what you pay for. If you don't want to pay for your government, expect to pay more for other things like damage to your car caused by potholes. The government doesn’t have the money to fix them nor do they have the money to fix your car. Expect to have to send your children to private school because they won't get an education in a classroom of 35-40 kids. Expect to have fewer police and fire fighters. Expect to have to pay to use formerly free public areas like parks and swimming pools. Expect the inconvenience by having to deal with these problems as they come up, one by one.. Expect to pay more for all of these things than you would have had to pay for increased taxes, especially if taxes on the top 1% of earners were taxed as they should be. The voters of California have chosen this way of life. As Brandon says, “there’s got to be consequences”. The consequences of not wanting to properly fund the government are not good and will be borne by us all.

Whew! I feel better.... (-:


  1. u sure sound like a conservative to me. that's my number one peeve, and i love how you phrased it. did you think of that yourself? "over-developed sense of entitlement". You're good Kim, very good writer. hey i started a blog, but i'm too embarrassed to show anyone.

  2. No, I'm not conservative. I'd rather pay taxes than have to fix my car or see homeless on the street. But, since those who vote in California don't want to pay taxes, they need to get used to living without it. I just hate those who say they hate government, but run to it every time they need something. That's the difference.. I like government and am willing to pay for it. And overdeveloped sense of entitlement is an actual medical term. We had a nephew who was diagnosed with it!!?? He thought his parents owed him things. I thought he needed his ass kicked!