Monday, May 4, 2009

The Child Support Song

Because that post may cause one to wonder what the child support song is, for your pleasure, the lyrics are attached. Sing it to the tune of 'Baby Face' , with gusto! The author of the lyrics is unknown to me.

Child Support
You've got to come and pay your child support
Cuz if you don't we'll have to go to court,
So be a sport,
Don't be sad or grieving, you had your fun in the conceiving
Pay it now
Cuz if you don't we're going to get that dough somehow
And you will go to jail if you should ever fail
To pay your child support!

Imagine a 4 yr old, blond hair, blue eyes, singing this to her daddy in the back yard with her mommy... No wonder I never got divorced! (-:

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