Monday, May 4, 2009

The end of the tree that wouldn't die

When we first moved here I was all about having that perfect back yard. Grass, trees, bushes, flowers. I remember having truckloads of cow manure delivered and we have pictures of me and my then 3 year old daughter digging in it... I taught her the child support song while we moved manure... Now, twenty something years later everything is dead and I have the perfect moonscape... except for the tree that wouldn't die. This tree was trouble from the start. My neighbor had planted one and I liked it so off I went to the plant store to buy one just like it... Trouble is my neighbor had a boy tree and mine was a girl... trees have gender issues? Who knew! So instead of a simple tree with leaves I ended up with ugly blossoms that carpeted the ground and killed my plants, bees - (I'm allergic), ants that liked whatever that tree was putting out, and sap dropping on my head. Girl trees are a lot more trouble than boy trees. I could have put up with it if I was getting something in return, but no. No avocados or fruit of any kind. The tree had to go. Next time the tree guy, Aou, came around (yes, that's his name, don't ask me about his license to cut down trees) we had him cut it down... What a mess. We sprayed the stump with round up, again, again, and again and that damn tree kept coming back. It's been 5 years now and the tree kept coming back! Why is it I can only grow things that I don't want? Weeds and devil trees. Well, today the tree met it's demise via a friend with a stump remover. Another machine I didn't know existed. Jack owns a Christmas tree farm in Oregon - a tax dodge, I'm sure, but he does have a stump remover so I guess that does give him some tree farmer cred. Anyway, that damn tree has taunted me for the last time! Here is a picture of Jack, destroying my nemesis and my husband documenting the event far closer than I cared to venture... Moral of the story - don't drop stuff on my head.... I'll get you!

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