Friday, May 1, 2009

Today is Manuel day. That is the day that the gardener, Manuel comes to make our yard beautiful. Well, as beautiful as he can, considering that we are undergoing water rationing and our grass is turning brown, the back yard doesn't even have grass anymore, and half of the plants don't have long for this world.Our rationing is after a fashion. Use a little, we pay a certain rate. Use more, the rate goes up and on and on. Great for most of the postage stamp lawns in this city, but we have 1/2 acre, four dogs and two horses. No consideration for those of us who don't have large lots covered by a huge house. And, of course, the City Council doesn't even consider limiting construction in this desert due to the fact that the new residents, and those of us who moved here when there was plenty of water for everyone, even during droughts, will not have water. They consider only development fees. A huge warehouse was just approved. I wonder if it included drinking fountains for the staff. Of course, most of the staff will be robotic...some of the 'jobs' promised by the developer? Not much water needed for them, I suppose. Politicians laughably tell us they have a 'vision' for our city. They need to clean their glasses!

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