Thursday, May 21, 2009

CA Govt. spending, explained...

The above link will take you to a great video that is not just about how government spends money. It is about much more. It's how the stupid proposition system in Californai allows people to vote in programs that cost money without having the funding to pay for them. Then the government is stuck paying for it by reducing funding in other areas ..Its about how the cost of government is going up because the number of people is going up, including the number of people needing services (could you believe that autism number?!) I was there when Arnie did his study and they didn't find waste other than Boards and Commissions that were probably implemented to give someones uncle a job! So the cost is going up, but when you factor in all the variables, it isn't going up that much. I think we should get rid of propositions unless they include a funding source that doesn't take from something else. It just give a little perspective as to the reasons for the increases. Some warrented, some not.

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